WIREGAMES is a video game publisher based in Zagreb, Croatia. Focus is on a more creative and better way of bringing the best of the gaming experience to its players.


The goal of WIREGAMES is to become the global video game publisher based in Croatia. The first game, Primordials of Amyrion which will be published in 2020, is the stepping stone through which WIREGAMES will claim its position at the existing market. Developing and publishing the best video games on a global scale will be the main objective of WIREGAMES.


With an original fusion of genres, WIREGAMES wishes to give the gaming community an unforgettable and unique experience of gameplay. Such a mission is only possible through new exciting projects in collaboration with young game designers and developers: Every fresh approach is going to be heartily accepted and guided by experienced game producers.


By providing a superior player experience, WIREGAMES wants to be recognized as a company that is not afraid to risk its role in the innovative ideas of creative game design. Your imagination is a common tool for our common success. Envisioning a more creative gaming industry, by incorporating fresher approaches and more innovative game mechanics – is the WIREGAMES modus operandi.
WIREGAMES is proud to present  „Primordials of Amyrion“ developed by GD ENTERTAINMENT. Primordials of Amyrion is a tug-of-war multiplayer online battle arena where players rule kingdoms and build armies to war for ever greater power.
Compete in 1v1 duels against other Primordials and their armies, simultaneously balancing resource management while choosing upgrade paths for buildings, champions and minions to gain key advantages on the battlefield.


WIREGAMES is always on a lookout for creative new developers that will give a needed fresh approach to the gaming industry.
The aspiration lies in bringing as much imagination out in the world as possible. Let’s create original and visionary things together!


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